Labradorite Bead Necklace with Pearls & Gold 29"


What a unique and distinguished color combination this necklace creates. The 29" opera length necklace features a symmetric combination of cultured pearls, 14kt yellow gold beads and labradorite beads in different sizes and shapes. A group of 3 labradorite beads are arranged together followed by a 3.00mm size gold bead and followed by two cultured pearls and another gold bead. The labradorite beads average 8.00mm in size and are a mixture of milky bluish gray and black hues which is a strong contrast next to the yellow gold beads and white with pink overtone pearls. The necklace weighs 61.7 grams and is in excellent condition.

Material info: Solid 14kt (585) Yellow Gold
Total Gram Weight: 61.7 Grams

Pearl Information: 38 Oval/Off-Round Cultured Pearls
Color: White with Pink Overtones
Shape: Oval / Off-Round
Luster: Medium
Grade: B
Average Size: Approximately 5.75 x 5.00mm

Labradorite Information: 57 Round Labradorite Beads
Color: Milky Bluish Gray & Black
Shape: Round
Clarity: Opaque
Average Size: 8.00mm

Markings: no visible markings

Necklace Length: 29" (opera)

Estimated Retail: $875.00
Stock #: SJB3572



Category: Labradorite, Pearl

Type: Necklace

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