Tiffany & Co Chrysanthemum Sterling Punch Bowl & Ladle 1895


This Chrysanthemum pattern by Tiffany & Co. is a rare and treasured punch bowl and ladle produced in the late 19th century. Representative of the Rococo Revival style which celebrated European grandeur, luxury and the natural landscape in 19th-century romanticism, the pattern exhibits richly detailed leaf and floral designs as well as chrysanthemum blossoms on each piece. The bottom of the punch bowl is monogrammed 'Florence Adele Sloane June 6th, 1895'. The punch bowl was given to Florence Adele Vanderbilt Sloane (1873 - 1960) on June 6th, 1895 by James A. Burden, Jr., heir to the Burden Iron Works, as a wedding gift on the day of their wedding. Mrs. Sloane was the great-granddaughter of Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt and the daughter of Emily Vanderbilt Sloane of Lenox, Massachusetts. She later married Richard Tobin, the United States Minister to the Netherlands, in 1936 after her late husband's death. There is a rich and storied history to this family and the origins of this bowl adding to its prestige and grandeur.

Material info: Solid Sterling Silver
Total Weight: 14.2 Pounds (lbs) or 207 Troy Ounces
Designer: Tiffany & Co.
Pattern: Chrysanthemum
Era: 1880s
Volume: 32 Pints

Set Includes:
(1) Punch Bowl, 30" x 19 1/4"
(1) Ladle, 16 1/2"

Designer Stamp: 'TIFFANY & CO 6911 MAKERS 5675 STERLING SILVER 925-1000 T'
Monogram: 'Florence Adele Sloane June 6th 1895'
Volume Stamp: '32 PINTS'

Estimated Retail Value: $120,000.00
Stock #: CB2-051





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