Vintage Art Deco Elgin Corsican Model Pocket Watch 14K


Featured is a beautiful vintage Art Deco period Elgin Corsican model pocketwatch crafted of solid 14kt white gold. An intricate filigree detail has been engraved around the watch and the dial has a textured surface as well. The watch’s movement is a grade 450, size 12, and 21 jewel model 4. It’s serial number is 28191497 and its estimated production year is 1925. The watch is in excellent running condition and the overall watch is in great condition. It does show some signs of wear and tarnish both on the exterior and its dial, specifically around the edges and on the second hand dial. The watch weighs 54.7 grams and its length measures 2 1/8” north and south, its width measures 1 3/4” and its thickness is 9.40mm.

Material info: Solid 14kt White Gold Case Material
Total Gram Weight: 54.7 Grams
Watch Anniversary Year: 15th

Brand: Elgin
Movement Serial Number: 28191497
Grade: 450
Model: 4
Estimated Production Year: 1925
Run Quantity: 1,000
Total Production: 14,000
Dial: Textured Silver Surface with Numeral Hour Markers and Open Face Hands
Size: 12
Jewels: 21
Movement Configuration: Openface
Movement Finish: Nickel
Movement Setting: Pendant
Railroad Grade: No

**Condition: The pocket watch is in great running condition but there is some tarnish & wear to the dial and exterior**

Markings on Inner Watch Case: PAT’S PEND’G 14 KARAT 11709 34
Inscription on Opposite Case: Lord Elgin CORSICAN MODEL (fleur de lis’s)
Markings on Inner Watch Case Opposite Movement: Wadsworth 14 KARAT SOLID GOLD

Length of Pocketwatch: 2 1/8”
Width of Pocketwatch: 1 3/4”
Depth of Pocketwatch: 9.40mm

Stock #: SJB3005



Type: Watch

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