Vintage Butterfly Brooch Pin with Gemstones 14K


If it weren’t for the plethora of fantastic jewels encrusted on the wings of this butterfly, it would’ve flown away by now. The vintage 1960s brooch pin is crafted of solid 14kt yellow gold and adorned with a multitude of precious and semi-precious gemstone’s. Below is a complete list of the gemstone’s and how many of each are set. It displays a variety of vibrant and colorful gems and the yellow gold accents them all perfectly. The butterfly’s body is extremely detailed where the gold is polished and textured to accentuate different chunks of the body. The antennae’s are even beautifully crafted. The pin weighs 18.3 grams and its length measures 2 3/8” and 1 3/4”. It’s in excellent condition.

Material info: Solid 14kt (585) Yellow Gold
Total Gram Weight: 18.3 Grams

-4 Oval Cabochon Cut Reddish Orange Coral
-4 Oval Cut Light to Medium Purple Amethyst’s
-4 Oval Cut Pomegranate Red Garnet’s
-6 Oval Cut Orangish Yellow Citrine’s
-2 Oval Cut London Blue Topaz’s
-2 Oval Cabochon Cut Robin’s Egg Blue Turquoise
-2 Oval Cabochon Cut Milky Blue Ethiopian Opal’s
-2 Oval Cabochon Cut Dark Brownish Green Jade
-2 Oval Cabochon Cut Dark Green Onyx
-6 Round Cut Blue Sapphire’s
-12 Round Cut Purplish Pink Rubies

Markings: no visible markings

Pendant Length: 2 3/8”
Pendant Width: 1 3/4”

Estimated Retail Value: $4,900.00
Stock #: CTC024



Type: Brooch

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