Vintage Stretchy Gold Mesh Bracelet in Solid 14kt Yellow Gold 7.25”


Creatively designed and masterfully crafted is this vintage 1970s solid 14kt yellow gold bracelet. There’s a lot happening in this piece yet it flows and moves so fluidly and elegantly that its beauty is preserved and viewed as a whole. There is also an interesting combination of textures involved. For instance, the outer ‘cage’ of the bracelet is a polished smooth  and angular surface that weaves in and out of itself while and the center contains an interwoven link system with a rope texture. Within the link system is an up and down weaving wheat design that contains the entire piece. These separate connection systems have allowed the bracelet to be very ergonomic and stretchy as one can move and bend this piece with ease. It measures 7 1/4” in length, 1/2” in width and 6.60mm in depth. It weighs 23.8 grams and is in excellent condition.

Material info: Solid 14kt (585) Yellow Gold
Total Gram Weight: 23.8 Grams

Markings: 14K

Bracelet Length: 7.25”
Bracelet Width: 1/2”
Bracelet Depth: 6.60mm

Estimated Retail Value: $2,400.00
Stock #: DCC007



Type: Bracelet

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