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    What is a consignment?

    Why Consign?

    The process is secure, easy and has the potential to grant you the most money you could get for what you have to sell. Sometimes you can take a loss when selling something outright on the spot yet if you can afford the time, which the only issue with consignment is that it can take time, then you can set the price you want to get for your item and that is what you will get. We encourage you to do your own research on what you have to sell to come up with a realistic asking price for your item(s). Generally, we advise people to look on eBay's 'Sold Listings' as a starting point when determining an asking price. If you cannot find your item or are unsure of what to ask, we are more than happy to help you determine the best asking price.


    Not only are your goods displayed beautifully in our showroom, but we market and advertise your item(s) on our internet stores and social media which broadcasts worldwide. This allows your item(s) to not only just be viewed in person at our store in Northwest Louisiana, but to be seen and considered online by the international community where the item(s) might be more in demand or in style elsewhere. The internet also takes the salesman out of the equation and allows people to focus on your item whereas a salesman can persuade the buyer into a certain direction. Most stores that consign will only sell your item on the showroom floor and use it to sell what they already have as why would they want to sell yours when they have inventory to sell? Again, the internet takes the salesman out of the equation.


    We take 30% of the sale price. This includes fees, insurance, shipping and handling charges, refurbishing, resizing, photography and the appraisal. We don't get paid unless you get paid so there are no out of pocket fees to you. You can pick up your item at any time, however, we do ask that you allow the item to be for sale with us for at least a month. You can leave your item with us as long as you wish. If you wish to lower the price or put your item(s) on sale for a specific amount of time, just stop by our shop and sign for it on your consignment form or email us this confirmation.

    Let's Get Started

    The value of the item(s) you wish to consign must have a sale value of $5000 USD or more for us to consign. We are happy to consign a variety of items such as jewelry, fine art, crystal or sterling silver flatware and holloware. Diamonds or diamond rings must contain at least a 1.00 carat diamond for us to sell on consignment. If you are located in the Northwest Louisiana region, please come in our shop to sign the Consignment Agreement. If you are located elsewhere, we can email you the agreement for you to sign and arrange shipment of your merchandise to our shop in Shreveport, Louisiana. Once we have received your merchandise to consign, expect to see your item online within a week unless a repair or refurbishment needs to take place. We will provide you with a SKU number to track your item online. Our return policy states that we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if the customer wishes to send the item back so we will pay you, the consignor, once this grace period is up. Your merchandise is insured for the valued price on the Consignment Agreement.

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