Nenad Mirkovich “In the Mood” Original Oil Painting Framed


Nenad Mirkovich is a world renowned Serbian artist based out of Houston, Texas who was born in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and grew up in Yugoslavia where he truly started to develop his eclectic skill. His paintings can offer a very tranquil and graceful approach while others evoke an enthusiasm and vibrance quite like the painting for sale here. This original oil on canvas painting was completed in 2000 by Mirkovich and is titled, “In the Mood” which is exactly what this piece makes you feel like. The woman depicted in the jazz scene is Louis Armstrong’s wife. The frame’s height measures 44 1/2”, its length 68” and its depth measures 2”. The wood and fabric frame is in excellent condition. The inside picture frame height measures 35 1/2” and its length measures 59”. The frame alone originally cost $2,500. The painting is signed and dated by the artist. We allow pick-up only for this particular piece. Contact us for possible shipping options.

Artist: Nenad Mirkovich
Painting: “In the Mood”
Year: 2000
Type: Original Oil on Canvas, Framed

Frame Height x Length: 44 1/2 x 68”
Frame Depth: 2”
Inside Picture Frame Height x Length: 35 1/2 x 59”

Stock #: SLC003



Type: Painting

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